NAARO at university of the arts london

Freya & Marcela teach an intensive architectural photography course at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. The course has an international profile, having attracted students from countries such as Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Greece and the United Kingdom. A complete description of the course and dates can be found on LCC website.

Images above by former course student Taran Wilkhu. NAARO architectural photography course at LCC

Course Description

Architectural photography has grown significantly in recent years. This course is a thorough introduction to architectural photography through theory and practice, taught by Freya and Marcela. It will give you the essential conceptual and technical tools that will enable you to develop your practice, whether for a hobby or for business. 

Photographs increasingly influence the way in which buildings are perceived around the world. It is said that today the photograph of a building –as opposed to the building itself- is its most widely consumed image. As architects understand the power of architectural photography, they become more and more interested in working closely with photographers. Simultaneously, an ever-growing number of photographers choose architecture as an area within which to develop a personal artistic language as well as a business.

Through lectures and practical exercises you will become familiar with photo shooting techniques and the equipment necessary for creating architectural photographs of interiors and exteriors. You will learn and apply key image postproduction tools used in architectural photography -from Lightroom and Photoshop- and will be introduced to the practice of editing architectural photography, necessary to create a concise and strong documentation of a building. 

Images above by former course student Darren Hartley. NAARO architectural photography course at LCC

Images above by former course students Pei-Chin Lin and Will Boulton. NAARO architectural photography course at LCC

Images above by former course students George Kroustallis. NAARO architectural photography course at LCC